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Monday, 20 September 2010


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This is absolutely perfect. So simple, so stylish. A triumph. I saw another idea where someone was using a divided page protector and slipping in a little note or photo a day, and I thought that was a clever way of staying "caught up" too.


Glad you like it, and thank-you! That's a clever idea, divided page protectors ... :)

Paul B

Another stunning LO and a clever (and yes, simple) idea for catching up. I haven't even started the class yet haha. Might have to make October my month of learning (and I can learn from your quick tips before I begin). Hope your week has more flow to it. Pxx


I really like that Alexa. It looks like it should be in some stylish highly expensive magazine. A great idea too for catching up.

Jacky S

A great way of catching up....actually it would be a great way of doing the whole class.....a week to a page.......4 pages done by the end.I like the autumnal feel to the colours as well.


A great way to catch up Alexa I'm still chasing my tail having been away from home quite a lot just lately!! My son has a book called "Gettings things done" maybe I should read it although at the moment I feel
"the hurrier I go, the behinder I get" Quote from Lewis Caroll


Fabulous LO Alexa - I love your clever way of catching up! Hope things start to calm down for you. Look forward to seeing you soon x


Fab LO Alexa - I love your clever way of catching up! I hope things start to calm down for you soon and I look forward to seeing you in the near future x


That is a really lovely page and a great idea too! I also had problems this month as my mum was really poorly. I "caught up" my pages at last (and posted them) but of course I still have to "keep caught up"! Your idea would have been a fab way to do this...
Sian's divided page protector idea is a good one too.


Perfect Alexa! I like Jacky's idea of doing the whole class in this format and the idea of keeping the journaling to a minimum makes for a succint snapshot into life.


LOVE this layout. The photography is stunning. And it's a great way to get caught-up which I've given up on entirely. I do like Sian's idea of the divided page protectors. I think after four years, my little 6X6 album will be filled at the end of September so next year I can start with a new process. This one might be it!

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