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Friday, 24 September 2010


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Fabulous! How nice to get such lovely surprises in the mail. Have a wonderful reunion, and enjoy the family time!

Jacky S

Love the page...I love it when bloggy prizes come through the door.Have a great 'get together'....even without the cooker!!

Julie Kirk

What a lovely page, makes me really want to go and scrap/capture/document something [anything] about my week too. :-D

p.s: I think he's settling in already, and why wouldn't he?



Well doesn't he look at home, very cosy with the 'girls' :) I love the postcard, the bunny ear 'Ls', the co-ordinating green spots, everything about your layout in fact.

Enjoy your new home Rab it was a pleasure creating you x


This one gave me a big smile this morning. Delightful! Have a lovely, lovely weekend, won't you?


lol what fun. love the pose with the crossed legs reading :)


What a lovely bunny! The scrap page made me laugh and I love the story to go with it!
Have a great weekend - despite the "no cooker" challenge.. well, there's always take-aways! Or with that many guests, maybe it would be cheaper to go & buy an "emergency microwave" and food you can cook inside it!


Lovely Alexa! Love all his poses - put a smile on my face :)

Paul B

Wow, what a lovely little fellow to receive through the post. Love the LO, esp the bunny ears in the title, very clever. Pxx


Hope your reunion goes well. Have a great time.


Funny, stylish and interesting - I love your pages!


Oh he's so cute! I love all the poses - he already looks well settled into his new home. (Fab LO too!)


loving your bunny, great LO too

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