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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


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I hate that feeling of second guessing your regular routine - it's very annoying!
Great page today, we have a quiet building day today and if the weather forecast is correct tomorrow will be too. Good luck with the pantry relocation, we have had one but the tricky one, as in no kitchen, is yet to come.


Yes,I agree as much use as...... It's one of those 'did I leave the iron on?' moments - once you start thinking about it you convince yourself that you did.

I love the fact that you are going to have a whole book :) And are we going to see more of your arty paper? I hope so.

Good luck with the pantry decanting.


A worthy first recipient! All that sign can possibly do is start folk worrying. Well spotted.


Ha ha Alexa love the award haven't heard the chocolate teapot saying for ages, we say chocolate fireguard too!
I like the touch of yellow in your paper to match the sign.

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