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Friday, 20 August 2010


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Oh Alexa, your journaling is just magnificent :-) I've been playing around with a digital layout this evening with equal frustration - so much so that I deleted the whole lot, I find it easier with digital to start again and there is less angnst because nothing has been cut, inked or cropped irretrievably.
Enjoy the time away with the Little One and the Big One, a break from the construction will be good too I'm sure!


aww that brought a tear to my eye. A beautiful layout, the journalling really captures the feelings in photo - worth the effort :) TFS....enjoy your break :)


Great LO. I adore the little coloured hearts - they are the perfect embellishment.


It's a gorgeous layout - simply beautiful - thank you for sharing!


Alexa, your journalling is wonderful, and heartfelt as always. I love the page, and may well 'borrow' that envelope idea. Enjoy your break away and the time spent with your loved ones.

Jacky S

Like Amy,I think the journaling is magnificent.....such a beautiful and poignant LO.Enjoy your time together.

Karen Cass

lovely heartfelt words as always. Oh the memories Alexa.


Beautiful journalling Alexa. Have a lovely time and I hope you capture some great memories to bring home with you.


Love the heart paper and matching brads and the hidden journalling. I've been away revisiting my past this week also, I hope you enjoy the time spent with your loved ones and you're right about coming home with lots of photos!


Yep, been there. Many a LO has been consigned to the bin in my house! I really love what you did with the text and that top photo is brilliant!


great LO Alexa


Have a wonderful, peaceful break away from all the noise and dust Alexa and we will look forward to the new stories you will collect while you are away.


Just found your blog...a kindred spirit I think :)

I've enjoyed looking at your LOs & reading the journaling - I know just where you're coming from, having 2 DDs & 3 lovely DGSs of my own. My style (if you can call it that!) is similar to yours, I'm another CZ fan, keep things very simple. However, I haven't got to the point of pouring my heart out on LOs yet, I admire the fact that you do :)

Hope you've had lots of fun with your family!


I'm just catching up with my blog reading, but I am another fan of your journaling which captures your feelings so beautifully and is the perfect accompaniment for the photos.

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