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Friday, 06 August 2010


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Alexa, your work looks quite substantial - as in solid! We've had some gloom temporarily opened up today - it's a bit cold though!

I haven't scrapped this week at all - such a pity, I would like to join the Friday 4 and I hope to do so as soon as possible.


That would be great, Amy, when you can - I know you are up to your eyes in your own massive building project at present!


Good luck with the building work. Lovely LO.


Well he's looking very good on it! Barely advanced enough in years to be Grandad-ing. Many congratulations on the exciting event. Oh, and jellybeans are one of my alltime favourite birthday presents too.

A fab 4 on Friday.


Amazing what a clear up in your craft space can uncover that little frame looks good :) mmmmmmm.......jelly beans and jelly babies.

Thanks for the mention Alexa. I have a contribution for this week too but not a layout I'm afraid but still in keeping with 4 on Friday. http://all-kindsofwonderful.blogspot.com/2010/08/4-on-friday-2.html

lin thomas

Thanks for the lovely mention Alexa, just a quick visit as we are going away for the weekend but I'll be back Tuesday to comment

Jacky S

A lovely page,Alexa.....I don't do enough pages about OH....must try harder.

{ Emma }

Lovely LO.

Can't wait to see how the building work comes along. It might seem like chaos now but it'll all be worth it in the end I'm sure.


so sweet what you did for him! :)


I love how you scrapbook the story rather than just the photos here and congratulations on becoming grandparents again

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