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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


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Alexa, I'm impressed with how resourceful you have been with the space at hand and how you have combined the practical and the sentimental - well done!

Julie Kirk

Beautiful room Alexa. I'm forever trying to work out where I can get more in mine ... don't think it's possible at the moment! Glad you have a little spot of calm in the storm. :)


Well, I think you've shamed me into clearing my craft room up. Looking at your organised space I can see that my room has got more than a little messy ;)I have to say your computer corner looks very serene and as storage ideas go you couldn't get much better than your plastic boxes with the ribbon handles.

I love the little sampler cushion that your mum made, beautiful.


Ah Alexa, I'm a bit jealous of how wonderfully tidy and organised it all is! I have a great scrapping space, which is partly sorted out... I just have to buy the timber to fix up the shelves...then organise it all! Currently the room is scattered with piles of boxes and other stuff. There's no room for the sofa-bed that would also make it our "spare room". Frankly, it's a bit of a tip! But it all started so well last November.... http://lizziemade.blogspot.com/2009/12/making-best-of-it.html (one of the posts in my series of "Project" posts!).
I love your unit for your scrap paper boxes - and the ribbon colour-coding is inspired! I may have to steal your idea... The baskets are great too - all matching and neat. I think it would be a lovely room to work in.


Wow, that all looks so lovely & organised, I really need a bigger craft room but there is no space available, think I may have to move house :)

lin thomas

Is it national tidy up week or something? Everyone I know seems to be in spring-cleaning mode! I even made a start myself but as you say Alexa it is a daunting task but I started with a bookcase and ended up doing 2 more boxes as well.
I love the little personal touches to your space, especially the cushion, your daughter's plaque and your son's tin and of course the little sailing boat mobile.
Whenever I tidy up my craft desk I always promise myself that it won't get in such a state next time but it always does doesn't it? I wish I had a tidy-up fairy to come in and just wave her nmagic wand.

Love the doodles alphabets too on IACW


What a beautiful space! I'm about to move into a slightly larger space and have been purging before I make the move. I love all the storage areas you have, and would love to have enough room for all those wicker baskets. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog; I'm so happy to have found yours. I LOVE your blog banner; one of the nicest and most creative I've seen.

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