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Friday, 16 July 2010


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It has been one of my favourite ideas from Shimelle in this class - the pairing of still life with portraits and other general everyday photos.
I have to say, I'm extremely impressed that you have something that resembles a wall in your construction process - it has yet to appear at our place!

Julie Kirk

What a wonderful story Alexa. Aren't Dad's great?! I just *love* this form of scrapbooking and storytelling.

I scrap objects quite a bit. As you say, they help you tell a story as they become an illustration, rather than having a photograph first and thinking up somehting to say about it. Also, with no kids/pets etc the objects are always on hand for me to be photograph whenever the scrapbooking muse strikes!


Jacky S

A wonderful LO,Alexa....with such a personal,meaningful story.
I,too, have found this idea interesting....I rarely photograph objects...and have never paired them with people...but it's something I'll now consider.
But I frequently scrap photos from long ago....otherwise I'd never have any scrap pages of my children when they were little....remembering some of the stories is harder though!!!


What a wonderful story and what a clever daughter! I love the piece Sarah carved and the little story to go with it - something to treasure always! ( I love your LO too, of course!)
ps in answer to your question on my blog - flowersoft is a 'flock like' substance that you sprinkle onto PVA glue and it gives a textured flower effect to stamping etc.


What a lovely story and one that definitely deserves to be told in a layout. It kind of makes me wish I'd saved a bit of my cherry tree that had to be chopped down but I did at least make a layout about it - I too was upset, the sound of the chainsaw was too much to bear.


I like that way of looking at it, Julie! - as an illustration to a story...


Thank-you, Michele - flowersof tis such a good word for it.

lin thomas

What a lovely story Alexa and it seems your daughter has inherited her own style of story telling too, I love her little doodle and is that a bar-code in the bottom corner or are my eyes playing me up!
I scrap all sorts of things – family (although I very rarely post personal ones online), places we’ve visited, we love gardens and old building and joined the NT a few years ago, I have a whole scrapbook full of flowers! I’ve also scrapped some of my treasured Christmas decorations.


Hello Lin! Yes, it is indeed her own hand-drawn barcode - your eyes are keen! I'd never thought of scrapping objects like Christmas decorations ... great idea especially if home-made.

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