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Monday, 19 July 2010


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Beautiful LO, Alexa - I love the soft muted colours. Looking forward to seeing your merged spaces!


I could copy and paste this first section to my own blog as this describes how I feel exactly! However, it applys to every room in the house. Because my kids are still quite young, I scrap out in the thick of things - where I can see and hear and adjudicate. We will have a spare room when our work is done but until the kids are considerably older I will stick to a visible position, more cleaning up I know but I'm used to it now. Today's page is just lovely - the design and your colour choices are fabulous.


what super photos and a lovely thing to scrap.
great job!

lin thomas

I tried to do my crafting upstairs on my own but it just doesn't work for me and sometimes we, all 4 of us, sit in the back room all doing our own thing, but, together! DH prefers me to digi-scrap as the dining table isn't groaning under the weight of paper, scissors, glue, more paper, etc etc. I'm really supposed to scrap/create at my table in the office but it isn't really big enough and like you I end up carting things around the house! I suppose when one or both of the boys move out then I would like to think that I might just get round to organising myself a bit better!!

Lois Houston

I have been crafting in the sitting room that is attached to our master bedroom, but recently relocated everything to the basement where I have a corner carved out for scrapbooking. I haven't been able to use it much this summer, and I seem to be leaning more towards digital scrapbooking anyway (which means sitting in my office at my PC) - I would love a dedicated room to keep all of my stuff in. I am hoping one day that will happen.
I just love your scrapbook style. I check your blog out regularly for ideas!

BTW, I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award over on my blog. :-)
Love your posts!

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