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Monday, 12 July 2010


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Alexa, that really is a work of art! It's beautifully done and I love how you have photographed it with the green underneath so we can see the punched edge.

Jacky S

It's wonderfully made,Alexa....a great way of using lots of photos on one page.I love the way the thin stripey strips bring it all together.


Wow - this is fab, Alexa! Beautifully put together - I love the little digger stamps/wingdings!


You are clever and I love the chipboard arrow used as a catch. I like the way you say 'simply smooth white card......' I'm sure it wouldn't be simple if I tried achieve what you do :)Just fabulous.


That is absolutely gorgeous


Thank-you! Glad you liked it :).


Yes, it's made me want to have green under it permanently, Sian!


They were little gif files, Michele, which had to be recoloured - once I'd worked out how!


It was one of those serendipitous things, Amanda - not planned at all. :) In lifting out the letter 'D', I pulled it out at the same time, and it lay just to the right of the layout for a good ten minutes before I spotted its potential!

Mary Bainbridge

I think this is a very clever idea I love the fact that you have a mini book on this LO and I love the clean lines of the whole thing.


Oh to be sitting happily under a tree at completion of a project! What a great way to showcase a large adventure within the one scrap page - I love it .... however, my photos from three weeks of renovation are already in the triple figures!


thats really cool Alexa, love it :)

lin thomas

What a fantastic piece of art Alexa. It sounds like you are undertaking a huge project with your building work and I love your "book" idea. I think the most photos I've ever achieved would be 12 when I did a sort of grid layout but then the photos are really tiny


You always inspire me Alexa I love your style. xx


Found it - just brilliant - love your style. I must get on with our extension album ... this may be a good way to get through a lot of photos is one go ... after all it was finished THREE years ago!

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