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Thursday, 10 June 2010


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Bush Girl

OK, so there should be warning not to drink anything whilst reading your blog posts - have just spat tea all over my keyboard!

You simply HAVE to photograph your clothes line and create a LO from this.

Thanks for a great start to my day - hehehe.


Well, don't you learn something new every day! Gave me a great smile and now I'll go and give my clothesline an appreciative pat on the head on the way past.


I can see I'm going to have to be careful where I read your posts Alexa this one had me laughing out loud - luckily there is no one around to wonder if I've lost my marbles. My clothesline is doing a stirling job today :-)

Jacky S

A post to cheer up a grey day.....I wondered why my line was getting looser....obviously trying to escape!!!

Julie Kirk

I believe my love affair with my clothesline has been well documented. And yes, indeed, I do peg my laundry out in colour order ... nothing wrong with that. My only issue is, I have some washing ready to hang out as I write this. It's been raining for days, but not today. Dare I risk it? I think I must for how can allow Clothesline week go unrecorded?

For the record, mine is retractable.

So there!



In order of colour? Rainbow-wise? Now, that's seriously impressive, Julie. I hope your retractable clothesline will get a chance to stretch its legs today!

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