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Wednesday, 09 June 2010


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oh alexa, feel for you. just going through something like this with my son's teachers and his hair, which is long and curly - not much seen on boys around these parts. have had to ask them to let well alone. or else........what damage teachers can do, hey......


Did my comment just disappear?

I said I loved the story and it was so evocative I wanted to reach out and give the little girl a hug and then listen to how she found her "I" again x


Lovely :) As a fellow lefthander I so know what you mean about smeary work. How I dreaded giving up using a pencil and moving onto a pen.

Julie Kirk

I know all too well the trials of the lefthanded writer!
I always like hearing your stories.
I am glad your voice can be heard now.
I love the power and community of blogging.


lin thomas

I think I must have had the same teacher with the bun and the stern warnings about how not to write. I remember having to stand in the corner when I accidentally tipped my ink well all over the desk!
I'm glad you're writing your stories now Alexa and are sharing them with us.

Jacky S

Such a wonderful,evocative story...it brought tears to my eyes...and as a teacher made me very happy that at a recent OFSTED the inspector said to me 'one of your strengths is the way you use praise and encouragement to motivate the learners'...and so we should.
I've just found your blog through Sian...and love it.

Lois Houston

I am definitely following your blog from now on! Loving your layouts and your stories!


I love the way you tell a story! Love the LO too - the strips of terracotta finish it off perfectly.


Love this story, I think we can identify with this tale, I hated my junior school so much I ran away several times.

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