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Friday, 11 June 2010


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Reading your post today made me reach for my first scrapbook (hidden away)- yes, a navy blue papermania 12x12 just like yours, still with the original packaging photo in the cover window. It's not something I enjoy looking back at these first attempts but reminds me how far my interest has taken me.

mmmmmmm.......I'd keep the handmade embellishments and ditch the really dodgy rub on letraset title......and maybe add even the tiniest bit of journalling.

By the way I love the sand paper :)


Oooh, the hand-made embellies sound lovely: your creative instincts were clearly working back then too!


This is a wonderful post! And exactly what I've been saying..without SI how are newcomers going to discover scrapbooking?

I think your first album shows the flair was there alright and really doesn't need to be redone at all! Not that I would advocate such a thing, because I do think our first attempts are a record of "first-attempted-ness" in themselves.
I've got to say I would ditch my first attempt at placing photos at jaunty angles though!


I really like that, Sian - honouring our first attempts for what they were. As for jaunty angles: gosh, I think I might have a few of those myself! Off to find the camera ...

Karen Cass

mmm (pensive noise) Alexa. This week my original albums were ditched in favour of the new, more modern lever arch AC albums. The layouts from 10 years ago (minimum) were kept. It is interesting not only to see the change in style but also the way the journalling was kept to a minimum-date and age only. Now a story is told so that the memory is kept. Then, it didn't seem necessary. I wish someone had told me.


I like your first scrap page(s)! They are actually not dissimilar to my first couple of attempts... I was rather proud of those and have no intention of re-doing them, even though I've "come along" rather well since then. Sure, I won't repeat the mistakes from the early efforts, but I think they are quite valid in themselves and a whole lot of love and effort went into them, however "imperfect" they might be.
I think you should definitely hang onto this double layout. It's great (in spite of the slightly wonky gaps between pics, the sandpaper beach that maybe could have matched at the join, the corners top left & top right...). It's your First Scrap Layout! Be proud of it!
BTW, I do agree with Sian's sentiments about S.I.Magazine. It was definitely the absolute best of its kind. Papercraft Inspirations is no substitute - it's great for cardmakers, but when it comes to scrapping, we need a whole mag. to ourselves! There are no other really great monthly scrapping mags in the UK. So sad...
Waiting for pics of your subsequent Scrapping Efforts - do show us how you progressed from Attempt No.1.


I can really relate to that, Karen! Telling the stories and keeping the memories was not loud in my head when I first started either. Thank-you for tickling my brain cells: I can see a post next week called Things I Wish Id known when I started ... looming into view. :)


Hello Lizzie and welcome! Youre spot on about the wonkiness - I dont think I even thought about a ruler then! And also about Scrapbook Inspirations, whose book-like spin-off has also had its last gasp this week. :( It was so useful to beginning scrappers like me. I wonder. where do they get all that info now? Yep, will get out the camera and the following lot of LOs!


Alexa - fab post! I *love* my first LOs - don't get me wrong , they're AWFUL, truly awful, cringe-makingly awful, but I do still love them so - they remind me of why I took up the hobby and why its so important to me! Keep: lots of journalling, multi-photos, found items....ditch: photos cut up in to shapes, cut-out titles, peel-offs (oh yes!)....dare I go on???!!!! LOL...

lin thomas

I think my first ever scrapbook was the grey sugar paper one Alexa but of course I didn't really realise what I was doing at the time!!
Even then, your own distinctive style shone through and I like the fact that the photos are more important than the embellishment, I hate looking at layouts where you have to actually hunt for the photo.
Funnily enough I've also got an earlier beach layout with sand-paper on it(raided from hubby's tool box), now, you would have to pay a fortune, to get specially selcted sand-paper with the word craft on it which would at least triple the price!

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