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Monday, 07 June 2010


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Alexa, am soooo honoured to have got to 'know' you these past few years.
The blog is all I expected it would be and more - it's sooooo wonderful to read. I will be a regular.
LOVE the know you're going to have to show a new LO every time you post don't you, as we'll all be waiting, with baited breath, for new ones......
From a kindred spirit: I most definitely "feel the gentle but insistent tug of a turning tide and wonder "Should I? Can I? Dare I?".......

Sarah C

Love the look, feel and content of your blog. Your LOs are an inspiration. I don't do digi, but you inspire me to be more creative and descriptive with my own journalling. Keep up the great work x

Karen Cass

looking forward to more Alexa.

Julie Kirk

Amazing stuff Alexa - lovely to drop in on you in your own space now. Oh and I know what you mean about the cup handles .. and the apostrophes! xx


I love it.Fantastic blog!


What a wonderful, wonderful way to start! You are already lodged firmly in my Google Reader because I don't want to miss a thing x

Mary Bainbridge

What a fantastic LO I love how you have made this such fun and a superb idea


So excited to see that you finally have a blog! Love your first LO and looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work x


That layout is just fantastic and I love Mum's tip (see I got the apostrophe in the right place)and you definitely made me smile. I'm looking forwarding to following your blog and doing more of the same :)

lin thomas

Love the blog Alexa, especially the clean white space. I really like the sail boat at the top I get the feeling I'll be sailing along with you.


Lovely, funny scrapbook page - I spotted it on IACW earlier when I was looking for elephants and got lost!! Love your graphic style and fully support your antipathy towards apostrophe abuse!!! Now if only I could control my addiction to exclamation marks!!!!

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