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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


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Well, I am currently facing this situation as well. I have been partially digi scrapping for a while and even contemplating a full turn into photo books - they are lighter and take less space. But .... the paper, the cardstock - forget about the embellishments - it's the paper, what will I do? You are certainly not alone!

Jacky S

I understand your problem...my shelves are heaving under albums.....sagging with discontent.....frowning at me.I've played with digital...your skill sounds greater than mine....but I love the touchy feelyness of 'real' scrapbooking.....and the layers....and the cutting and sticking...and...and!! I just accept I'll need a fork lift truck if we ever move....I'm more worried about which ones I'd save if the house caught fire!

Julie Kirk

Funnily enough, as I was cleaning my teeth this morning, I stood staring at the shelf unit I bought especially to share and display my albums at the top of the stairs .... which is already a little full. The solution in mind was to move it from that shared space and hide it in a spare room!!! Or maybe I'll just have a slight pruning and reshuffle?

Also - have my photo of the washing line all ready to scrap .... sadly I can't remember where I put the accordian ....


So glad I am not on my own, Amy! Thinking cap is on ...


I made one of my first ever scrapbooks when I was sick in hospital at the age of 12. Every day my mum would bring in a stack of old Christmas cards and we we choose a subject for the day and cut and stick accordingly. I can remember feeling the weight of that book on the bed!

I'll always be a paper girl. No digi for me.

lin thomas

Well as you know Alexa I am a digi girl and you are a hybrid scrapbooker so you are already halfway there and your clean and graphic style does lend itself very easily to going digital. I went digi after my Dad died I couldn't scrapbook without floods of tears all over my pages, that was well over 4 years ago and I'm just coming back round to paper. I don't think I could ever give up on paper glue and scissors altogether and still love my card-making. I have about 6 12x12 paper albums BUT I also have about 10 8x8 digital albums, so, you see, you won't have any more space!!! I have mine printed at DS colour labs they were recommended on UKS. My husband and sons are especially pleased I went digi as I don't have to clear away all my stuff from the dining table before we eat!!!


I'm a paper girl, through and through. Wrists won't hold up to digi scrapping and work....
Love the image of you with your notebooks - think we've all had an experience like that. I vividly remember sneaking in to my Dad's bedroom and reading the books on his bookshelf when I was little - encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, most of them second hand, most of them tattered, all of them well-loved and delightful. What fun I used to have, sat there surrounded by all that knowledge.

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