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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


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Julie Kirk

Yep, been there, thought that! At the crop last month I dod nothing useful for the first 2 hours!!! Just moved paper from one side of my table to the other!

I have many unfinished mini albums on the ever-growing-shelf-that-used-to-look-pretty. I use D-ring albums and do nothing as structured as an album for X Y or Z. I just do 'pages' when I feel like it and dump them on a pile for when I feel wholesome enough to put them away. An urge which hasn't struck yet this year ....

Maybe we need some sort of amnesty on unfinished albums and a way to let oursleves off the hook ... oh hang on ... I think I might need to go away and write a class on it ....

Be nice to yourself. Breathe. And then hide all your unfinished projects in the walls of the extension!

Julie x

p.s: seeing as how I've scrapped bruises, piercings, naked statues and a place called 'Butwerks' you wouldn't put it past me to have an album of funny things that happen to me on the way to the supermarket ...would you?

Jacky S

Me too....been there,done that....got the t shirt.
Though I do like having a variety of sizes for albums.Favourite at moment is 11 x 8.5.....why.....because it's small enough to complete before you get bored with it....but big enough to get a fair amount on each page.
How about getting all your part finished albums....put them all in one big album....entitle it 'Here's One I did Earlier'....and put away for posterity!!!


I like Julie's idea of an amnesty cunningly combined with Jacky's "Here's One I Did Earlier" album. I'm so scared of album overload at the moment that I have a pile of pages sitting waiting to be put away because I don't want to face up to how many albums I have now filled. So I'm hearing what you're saying!


Thats a brilliant idea, Jacky. :) Need to work out how to detach the pages from the unfinished bit etc. and restore but I am liking your thinking! Thank-you!


Mmm, so do I, Sian! My thinking cap is on ... And I really understand the cant-face-filing-it-away feeling. Thats a big part of overwhelm - thank-you!


I think I'm guilty of every point you made LOL I have a variety of albums too. The size of the LOs I make? - as the mood takes me but normally 12x12. I recently had a ' I really must put those LOs away before they get ruined moment' then they get shoved away in an album and not really looked at which is sad.

I started one project, chose all my papers, decided how I was going to make my album, made notes from all the prompts (well maybe not all!), took photos. Did I finish it, No I made one miserable page.

I'm determined to finish the calendar 365 challenge though, maybe that's the answer working in 1.5" squares LOL


I just put the whole lot in together and call it a day! Perhaps I don't take categorising seriously enough, but I figure this is a hobby for me that I love and most of all it is fun and I plan to keep it that way.
I'm packing my life away in boxes at the moment due to construction as well, I came across some unfinished projects ... sighed and threw them in the box and forgot about them, it's a bit of a pity but I'm not going to worry too much.
Oh, most of my pages fall into the category of 'Funny Things That Happen On The Way To The Supermarket' ... that's where the true stories of life lie!

lin thomas

Been there done that it’s called life Alexa and it does have a habit of getting in the way of finishing things off! I had over 100 of my digi pages printed out just after Christmas and have yet to get round to actually putting them into albums. I’ve even got as far as getting all the albums out ready for the pages but then something or someone crops up.
I’m with you on the cup of tea - it always puts everything right as my Grandma would have said. I’m into peppermint tea at the moment – very refreshing for a change .Don’t think it will suit the builders though!


Why am I not surprised that you quietly, efficiently, without a fanfare, began to blog?
Pleased though. I must come back tomorrow and read properly. That banner kills me it's so cool.


That was me, but of course you knew that.


I'm finding myself moving in to 'pre-made pages' mode. Nowadays, I'm only really scrapping on top of base pages I've already put together and then popped in to an album. When I feel like scrapping, I pull one of the pages out and then scrap on top of it, quick and simple, using supplies from a box I'm keeping under my desk. Why? Lack of time, I guess, coupled with the fact that I find its easier scrapping in that way. I'm finding I'm just really wanting to get the stories down, nowadays, and not wanting to mess about so much making them look pretty. It's really working for me - I'm finding I'm completing albums working in this way - for particular events/times (like my daughter's first few months) - not just accumulating LOs, of differing sizes, that I don't really know what to do with......it's been a bit of a revelation, I have to say. It's even made me consider - sharp intake of breath - stopping scrapping and, instead, setting up a private blog to record all the photos/stories...............don't know how far along that line I'll go, but I am mulling it over......

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