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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


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Julie Kirk

Just what I need to hear today. Have had a foot in those waters since last night and am hoping for plain sailing to resume soon. Thank you x

Jacky S

Personally I haven't been sailing near to The Doldrums this week....just the opposite.....but this still brought a big smile to my face.
I think I need to find a photo.....and make a page....that will have the same effect.


You are hitting the right note wishing me a Happy Journey today as our school holidays begin. Whether we hit the doldrums or not remains to be seen! What a beautiful, energetic, happy page.


Glad it was useful, and hoping for some wind in your sails very soon. :)


Hi Jackie! Isnt it lovely when scrapping makes us happy! Dont forget to send a link when youve got it finished! :)


Gosh, yes, school holidays - deep breath! Hope therell be plenty of energy and happiness around!


What a great photo your daughter sent you she'll be thrilled with the result. She certainly must be a an energetic happy person indeed and thinking of her there I'll try not to get so annoyed at the fact that I've been without hot water for only one day and think 'Happy Journey' instead :)

helen salthouse

Hello! I have come here via the blog-a-thon and very nice it is too. Where exactly was that photo taken, do you remember? I have one which I might dig out and blog because it is lovely, of my children on a beach in connemera. Can't remember the name of it. Good, too, to see a digi layout. I don't do them myself but I like to look at them and this one is lovely.


Hi Helen, and lovely of you to visit! Nice to meet someone else who loves the west of Ireland! This photo is further north than Connemara - its Strandhill in County Sligo. Hoping youll find that photo and scrap it! I do hybrid and traditional too. I will be over to see you shortly!

lin thomas

Thanks for reminding me that life is a happy journey Alexa. Isn't it amazing what our children teach us sometimes. I've come to realise just this week that my two boys, (must stop saying that)! my two grown-up sons are sailing their own ships and I have no control over the weather!, but they are going where the wind will take them and hopefully it will be happy journey.


Wonderful Alexa....wonderful........reminds me of myself some years ago and reminded me that I should jump around, happy to be alive, a bit more than I have been doing. Thank you, you, and thank you, also, to your daughter......

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