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Friday, 25 June 2010


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Alexa this is a great plan, when you have to downsize you see what you love and how you really work - a lesson for all scrappers I think!
There is something about Ali's classes - can't put my finger on it but they are nearly always the ones that make me smile the most.

Jacky S

Sounds like a plan,Alexa....I tend to put most of my pages in one album at a time.....though I do have seperate ones for holidays.
I like the idea of A4....have never used that before....but would be a good size I think.....and easy to get card for....I like The Papermill Shop card.
I love other people's minimilist pages....you and Amy both make wonderful ones....but just can't do it myself.....too addicted to embellishments..... which does make my albums rather fat......and even more difficult to store!!

Julie Kirk

Sounds like the overwhelm didn't throw you overboard Alexa - bravo for your simple solutions. Funny how we sometimes need to give ourselves permission to do things differently ... even if it's our own hobby!

Am so glad you're enjoying the Copy+Paste posts ... and as much as I'd like to take the credit ... they're actually all by Kirsty this week.



Simple is sublime..when you let us in on your secrets like this Alexa. It sounds like a wonderful plan.


Great plan, Alexa! I must admit, all of my LOs go into one ring-binder, no matter what the size. When that's full, I move onto the next one. I'll worry about transferring them into specific albums at a much later date, if at all. The Photo Rag Duo paper sounds fantastic - might have to investigate!

lin thomas

I'd be interested to know more about the paper Alexa, I've just received a lovely print done on canvas and am looking to make something similar myself as a piece of digital art to put in a frame.
I've dabbled with A4 size usually when I've done it as a gift for someone and had it framed. 12x12 or any square frames for that matter are harder to come by.


i had to do that with journals, too- ONE journal. not one journal for this, one for that.

have fun! :)


Hi Kerri - very reassuring that this operates in other creative endeavours too. Hope the journal is going well ... :)

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